A guide to Atkins diet plan recipes

Gaining weight or obesity is a common problem these days, and a lot of people around the world suffer from this. Not just unhealthy dieting, but unhealthy as well hectic style of living is the main reason behind this problem. If you have started realizing the signs of obesity, like belly fat, flabby arms and thigh, quick fatigue and many more, you should opt for effective plans for fighting against the obesity. If you are looking for dieting option, you can surely try Atkins diet plan recipes. Many people have been benefitted by Atkins diet plan for weight loss. Thus, this is something that you can trust. In this article, we shall discuss Atkins diet plan recipes in details.

Guide to Atkins diet plan recipes

Atkins diet has been defined as low carbohydrate diet, which is usually recommended for weight loss cases. The diet plans that we generally know are different from Atkins diet plan. This diet plan is unique as it does not restrict you from eating proteins are fats. So, you do not have to live over boiled veggies. Atkins diet plan recipes include a lot of luring foods that we often love to savor. So, at this stage, effectiveness for Atkins diet plan for weight loss is questionable. Will it work for you at all? Well, studies have revealed that low-carb diets are extremely effective for weight loss. Being a low carb diet, Atkins diet also has all the potentials to work for you.

A guide to Atkins diet plan recipes

Recipes for Atkins diet plan was originally proposed by Dr. Robert C. Atkins. His book on dieting was the best seller in the year of 1972. Since then, a lot of books have been written on Atkins dieting. It was a controversial plan at the earlier stage. Many dieticians opined that this diet is unhealthy. But, gradually it started receiving acceptance. Today, this is one of the best dieting plans for people, who are suffering from overweight or obesity.

Four Phases of Atkins Diet

Before knowing the recipes for Atkins diet plan, it is important to know the phases of this dieting plan. It typically comes with 4 phases of dieting plan. Here are the four phases for you at a glance:

  • Phase 1: At the first phase, you need 20 grams of carbs and the duration of this phase if 2weeks. At this phase, you need to eat high fat and protein enriched foods, especially meats, pulses, etc.
  • Phase 2: The second phase focuses on balancing the carbs. You need to eat low carbohydrate veggies, nuts and fruits mostly at this phase.
  • Phase 3: The third phase is fine tuning. At this point, you would notice that you have lost weight quite drastically. Now, it is the time to add some more carbs to normalize the weight loss process.
  • Phase 4: The most critical phase is this phase. As of now, you have experienced the Atkins diet plan benefits. Now, it is the time to retain the benefits. You have to eat as much as you can without putting on more weight or fats.

A guide to Atkins diet plan recipes

Exclusions and Inclusions

Atkins diet plan has some major exclusions and inclusions. You need to understand them carefully in order to enjoy the Atkins diet plan benefits. Let us first focus on the inclusions:

  1. Sugar: You should avoid cakes, soft drinks, ice cream, candy, etc.
  2. Grains: Avoiding grains, like barley, rice, wheat, etc., is essential.
  3. Vegetable Oil: Avoid the vegetable oils, like corn oil, olive oil, soybean oil, etc.
  4. Trans fat: Say no to the processed foods. Eat fresh meat which comes with fat without preservatives
  5. High carbohydrate veggies should be avoided – this diet plan is for the non-vegetarians
  6. Similarly, high carbohydrate fruits should be avoided, like banana, oranges, apples, grapes, etc.
  7. Avoid potato, sweet potato, etc.

Now, let us focus on the major inclusions of the dieting plan suggested by Dr. Atkins:

  1. Meats: This is elementary for this dieting plan. You should have lamb, pork, beef, bacon, etc.
  2. Seafood: Savoring seafood is encouraged. Salmon, crabs, lobsters, touts, etc. should find their place in your regular dishes.
  3. Eggs are important and eat them on daily basis.
  4. Eat low carbohydrate veggies, like spinach, Kale, asparagus, broccoli, etc.
  5. Eating almonds, cashew, walnuts, etc, are suggested.
  6. Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, etc. can be consumed.

A guide to Atkins diet plan recipesWhat You May Eat?

As it has been said earlier, Atkins diet plan is not like other diet plans, where you have to sacrifice your taste for the sake of eating boiled foods. It encourages on healthy eating and giving its due treat to the taste buds. The foods that you should include occasionally are chocolates, cheese, heavy creams, etc. Take a note that these are included in “may be you can eat” list. These items are not suggested for regular eating, but for occasional eating.

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