A guide to the 5 day diet plan

In recent days we have to rush on daily basis for our work therefore, we hardly get time to maintain ourselves. Now-a-days everyone is very much figure conscious and if one wants to maintain, he or she has to lots of hard work such as they need to exercises on daily basis. Interesting fact is that, only exercises will not work out. For this they need to get into a proper diet plan. If one wants to reduce weight faster, then there are various kinds of diet plan suggested by the different doctors. Among all the diet plans 5 day diet plan is considered as the most unique one.

A guide to the 5 day diet plan

A detail of 5 day diet plan

There are different food items, one can add in different diets. There are some specifications of these different diet plans. 5 day diet plan is one of those plans, where one can include food items starting from different vegetables which include fiber to different foods which include protein materials. In a human body, there is a necessity of fiber ingredients as well as protein ingredients. There should be a balance between these two ingredients.

Sometime one can forget to include different kind of food materials in various diets. To take all the required food materials properly, one needs to prepare a 5 day diet menu. This 5 day diet menu includes different ingredients such as carbohydrates, protein and fiber. It is necessary to take healthy food on daily basis and you can prepare a 5 day healthy eating plan which may help you to consume healthy as well as fresh food items.

There are different kinds of 5 day healthy eating plan you may find which are uploaded in the internet. You need to choose that 5 day diet plan which includes those foods which have different food value. If you are planning to lose your weight, you can easily follow the 5 day weight loss plan which are suggested by the doctors and there some important factors that you need to follow while you are into the process of this plan.

While following 5 day weight loss plan one should eat the food strictly and if you want to reduce weight sincerely and that too in a short period of time, then you need to follow these five day diet plans thoroughly.

A guide to the 5 day diet plan

The plan that you need to follow

Day 1

In breakfast you can take a banana then you need keep your stomach empty for a little bit. In lunch you can add power salad with toss 2 cups lettuce, 1 hard-boiled egg, and 2 table spoon almonds. In the afternoon snack you can add 1 small size apple. In the dinner you can eat 1 cup diced broccoli and carrots 2 table spoon soy sauce , 1  cup cooked quinoa.

Day 2

In breakfast you can start with Egg sandwich and Scramble, then 1 egg in butter and after that layer on 2 slices on whole grain toast. In morning snacks you can add 12-oz skim latte in it. In lunch Mediterranean plate 1 oz feta cheese then 1 grape tomato and 6 types of Kalamata olives. In dinner you can add Carne Asada Taco which is served with 2 cups lettuce.

Day 3

In breakfast Yogurt-fruit parfait then plain yogurt layered which is served with 1 cup mixed berries, in the morning snacks Fruit-and-nut bar. In lunch Tuna with stuffed pit and in the afternoon snacks you can add 1 cup sugar snap with peas with 1/4 cup hummus. Lastly in dinner
Creamy Chicken Potpie which can served with lettuce.

Day 4

In breakfast you can add Bagels then after a certain interval you can take lox–1/2 whole-wheat. In the morning snack you need to add 1 small banana that too with 1 Tbsp. peanut butter. In lunch you can add Low-sodium lentil with the specified vegetable soup and along with this 1 cup, 1 thin sliced wheat bread topped, 2 Tbsp and & toasted with 2 tsp. pesto. In the dinner you can take Clementine and with this five pieces of Chicken.

A guide to the 5 day diet plan

Day 5

In breakfast you can easily take Cinnamon with apple and along with this oats and that too with with 2/3 cup skim milk. In morning snack 1 cup of non fat plain yogurt and with 1 cup mixed berries. In the lunch Veggie quesadilla with wheat tortilla and that is stuffed with 1/3 cup low-fat shredded Cheddar. In dinner you can take Halibut Packets and that is with Polenta & Mushrooms. You can serve it with 1 cup of steamed string beans which is tossed with 1 1/2 tsp.

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